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_Mary Ann-20150611-DSC_0489June 11, 2015

About me:

With 20+ years of experience, I work as a freelance Art Director primarily with smaller companies and non-profit organizations where I can best utilize my creative and marketing talents and ultimately make the most impact. 

I excel in logo design, digital and social media design, brochures, large-format signage, advertising and promotional material design, and much more. I'm an expert in rebranding and working with brand standards and I'm constantly researching to keep up with and learn new techniques and creative trends.


Please feel free to reach out to me for more information on how I can be of service to you.

Please be sure to check out my photo-styling website below. 

  • ​20+ years of experience in Art Direction and photo styling

  • Brand marketing expertise

  • Extremely proficient, analytical and timeline-oriented

  • Innovative, on-task, and superbly marketing-savvy  

  • Expert in invigorating an existing brand

  • Excellent copywriting skills

  • Designer/Art Director with a unique and fresh design esthetic

  • Many years of experience with set design, prop shopping, wardrobe, hair, and makeup for film and still shots, soft styling, and much more.

  • Specialty makeup artistry and also costume design.




Please see my resume for more information
and contact me for further information or
if you would be interested in working together.




Thank you for your message!

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